WHIRLIE drives a rainbow limo with a customized crayola finish, courtesy of her preteen fans. She does her hair in a cotton candy machine to get that WHIRLIE look! (She doesn’t eat it anymore ;)) She lives in a real funhouse (designed by Frank Lloyd Wrong) with Fresh Egg (who greets her with a kiss every morning). Her CD outsells the top names in children's' music. "The magic's in the kid's, not me", says Whirlie. "A knockout singer, comedienne, and one of a kind performer," says L.A. Parent Magazine. She's amassed a devoted following through word of mouth accounts of her incredible show. She's entertained icons and kids of all ages for the past decade. What's a Whirlie show like? Imagine the Pied Piper with a rock and roll beat. Presently,WHIRLIE is having a super fun time with her Funhouse Friends recording her newest album, “BIRTHDAY POWER!!!” set for release late 2019. Fresh Egg never fails to crack them up!


I know all the words to Rock N Roll Rabbit - My favorite song is the birthday song! Your cool! I have birthday power!
— Sean (5 year old)
With clever lyrics and an infectious chorus, Rock N Roll Rabbit is destined to become a kiddie pop standard! ....The concept of a singing clown is natural, and Whirlie has got the big league voice to make it happen !
— LA Parent Magazine
12 original songs from America’s favorite new children’s music superstar ..over 30minutes of music that makes every day like a birthday for kids 2-11 Highly recommended !!
— Palisades Post
Your wonderful! We listen to your songs over and over in the car!
— Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones)