In the tradition of great comedians from the past, we bring you a clown for the here and now. A proven kid's hero, beautiful inside and out. WHIRLIE is a spoonful of Mary Poppins, combined with the innocently comical curiosity of "I Love Lucy."

WHIRLIE has a pedigree. She comes from a long and ancient line of fools, jesters, and circus clowns who brought joy and happiness to millions of people all throughout history. All of the clowns relied on a special power - BIRTHDAY POWER - for their magic tricks and joy to work.

However as times began to change true clowns were forgotten. Because there was so little birthday power in the world, most of the clowns had to leave the Earth and go to "Present Place", an animated world of fun and light that all clowns draw their magic from. Without BIRTHDAY POWER in the world, birthday wishes stopped coming true and more and more people began to forget the importance of birthdays.

WHIRLIE’s mission is to make every day into a birthday and build up enough birthday power to bring all of the true clowns back one at a time, so we’ll have more love and laughter because we all matter. The more birthdays, the more birthday power! So when is your birthday?

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I recently attended a party where WHIRLIE was hired...she’s terrific and SO funny! She’s the cutest clown who delighted both children and parents alike. She spent so much time entertaining and her energy, hilarity and smiles were endless.

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Email for a fun, hip, happening, memorable, creative, birthday party. I'm a tornado of fun and I take care of all the details! Or write and tell us about the Whirlie good time you had at your party!

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